“Unique and intoxicating”



The largest of the Caribbean islands, this exceptionally diverse country is largely unspoilt with so much to offer. 

Fiona, Cuba specialist 

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Cuba- the boom in tourism

I have been selling & travelling to Cuba for 17 years now. I have probably been there 12 times over the years & without doubt the biggest changes have happened in the last 6 years. Most changes have been for the better as the transport standards improved, the Casa Particulars (licensed Cuban homes- B&B’s) we use are of a great …

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Holidays to Cuba – A step back in time

1952 Cuban Car Cuba is a fascinating country, with such an interesting history.  Not so long ago, back in 1959 Fidel Castro along with Che Guevara & others successfully overthrew the American backed Cuban dictator Batista, taking back the 75% of foreign owned land & nationalised it all. When all the Americans quickly left Cuba they had to abandon all …

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