Masoala Peninsula

"For bio-diversity Masoala is absolutely amazing and probably the most diverse in the whole of Madagascar."

A national park was created in Masoala Peninsula in 1997 to protect the rainforest, costal forest, mangrove, flooded forest and marshland. It is probably the most biologically diverse national park in Madagascar. The reserve is home to the red-ruffed Lemur and has an impressive diversity of flora and fauna.

In the surrounding waters, each year between July and September, the bay plays host to hundreds of Humpback Whales who come to the warm tropical waters to mate and give birth. The park is crossed by a series of hiking paths from fairly easy day walks to week long treks depending on your level of fitness. There are three marine reserves in the park: Tampolo, Ambodilaitry and Ifaho, one of the best ways of exploring these is through kayaking and snorkelling.