Perinet & Mantadia National Parks

"The rainforests of the East are a great introduction to the wildlife you can expect to see here. Lemurs, chameleons, flora and fauna abound here."

Perinet & Mantadia National Parks… Situated in the province of Toamasina on the Eastern coast of Madagascar, Perinet is a complex of protected areas that can be visited by everyone: La Réserve Spéciale d’Indri is a reserve especially for the Indri Indri Lemur. The Vakona Reserve is owned by the Vakona Forest Lodge and contains the Lemur Island, which is a great opportunity to get up close to Lemurs in a natural setting.

During a visit to the national park of Mantadia, you can learn more about the rainforest fauna and wildlife. With no less than 11 endemic species of lemurs such as the biggest lemurs in Madagascar, Aye-Ayes, you may also see the smallest chameleon, and other reptiles in the park as well as the very colourful Mantella frog.