Great travel tip

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Last year I stumbled upon a company online that sells handbags – anyone that knows me will think there is nothing unusual about that, as I do love my handbags. But this was an amazing find.

My 1st purchase was the Silver Jennie travel bag. What a convenient bag this has been on my travels.  It has travelled with me to Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia & Sri Lanka.. It has a handy outside pocket that slips over my suitcase handle, so is sits securely on top of the case. No more struggling to keep it balanced on top. Inside there are lots of handy features- that you can see on the below video. But for me the best bit is the smaller bag that it comes with, which I wear across my body & keep things I need to get to quickly & easily- like my passport, boarding pass & purse- needed for all my duty free shopping.  The duty free then gets added to the Jennie bag so I can continue to travel in style, without carrier bags.  Also inside my Jennie bag I have all I need for what is generally a long flight – fluffy socks, a nice warm fleece top (flights are so cold nowadays), my headphones, iPod, iPad, face moisturiser, my Chilly environmentally friendly water bottle – that I ask the crew to fill up for me, note book, travel itinerary / info & any snacks I hopefully remembered to buy.

Since finding Mai Tui I now have the matching backpack, a larger Lottie cross body bag for days out & a small compact Molly bag for nights out – all in the silver. Then I started on the Jane handbags & have that in 3 colours (but sadly not available -yet- in silver!).. Where will it end?? Well today I received my order for both the Jennie travel bag & the Jane handbag in Rose Gold. Both are beautiful & of course I have boots & sparkly pumps to match.


I now need to plan my work trips & holidays for this year so I can take my rose gold Jennie somewhere exciting. Maybe Panama & I definitely need to return to Cuba ASAP for some rum & sun.

If you like to travel in style, & not want to pay the earth, try this company.

Here is the Jennie travel bag video..

Happy travelling..