Colca Canyon

Colca Lodge

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The Colca Lodge is located in Southern Peru, within the Colca Valley – ‘where the river is united with the sky, the Sun with the Moon, and the mind with the body.’ – Colca Lodge

The Lodge is situated at an altitude of 3250 meters (10660 feet) above sea level, at two-and-a-half hours from the city of Arequipa The hotel is built on the banks of the River Colca and is surrounded by hundreds of pre-Inca agricultural terraces that have been declared a Peruvian National Heritage.

“There is full contact with nature without sacrificing the comfort of this rural environment far from civilization – with the exception of Wi-Fi and television, whose moderate use is limited to the area of the bar and relaxation spaces.” – Colca Lodge

An additional attraction of the privileged location of Colca Lodge is that guests have relaxing thermal springs – the four pools, which have different temperatures and contain water rich in lithium, are located in completely natural surroundings where the magic of the elements takes on an extraordinary dimension.