The Butterfly House

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The Butterfly House is a remote eco-luxury resort located in Bahia, South of Salvador and is the ultimate refuge for travellers seeking a luxury adventure a luxury eco-resort. The Resort features eight beautiful villas, a swimming pool, gastronomic restaurant, family playroom and acres of tropical gardens with hammocks and bamboo recliners. The Butterfly House located in an entire area that is a protected conversation with pristine white-sand beaches, multi-coloured coral reefs, freshwater lakes and rainforests.

The resort has a variety of different suite and bungalow options, a restaurant called Anna Banana, activates including; snorkelling and diving, waterfalls, biking riding, surfing, nature trails, paddle boarding, whale watching and day trips to Camamu Bay island as well as exclusive yoga retreats.


VIP Bungalow
Deluxe Bungalow


Tremembe Waterfall
Bike/Quad Riding
Nature Trails
Paddle Boarding
Whale Watching
Island Hopping

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