Machu Picchu

Mountain Lodges of Peru

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7 day trek – on foot or horseback

This is an amazing experience – an adventure into the quiet Andean Mountains of Peru.  Trek for 7 days from lodge to lodge along trails and restored Inca trials.  Fully guided in small groups of a maximum of 12.

From the base of high mountain Salkantay to Machu Picchu through different bio zones, visit a glacier lake, traverse a mountain pass and walk along canyons where the mountain rivers converge in the majestic beauty of nature.   Follow in the footsteps of the Incas as you partake in the journey of a lifetime.

“The awareness of the journey is as important as the journey” Helen McCabe


Four cosy lodges with wood burning stoves, hot showers, fine Peruivan gourmet meals, goose down duvets and outdoor hot tubs.  This is such a special way to trek to Machu Picchu especially with the personalised service to see that you have all that you need to enjoy this adventure.

The lodges are little communities receiving guests in the high mountains & lower tropical areas, all the staff are employed from the local village and much of the food is grown locally.

The Trek

Walking between 4 – 7 hours a day through 15 different bio zones, traversing a mountain pass @4600 metres. Passing locals with their mules & horses on trails that their ancestors have walked.

Learn about the old traditions of the Incas and Peru’s history through the experienced & knowledgeable guides while making your way to Machu Picchu on the last day.


Salkantay Inca trail is the road less travelled by tourists to the lost city of the Incas.  The route is spectacular: from the High Andean mountain range, then plunging into forest canyon, passing snow capped majestic peaks with their emerald green glacial lakes while condor soaring high above.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is incredible and your first view of it from an adjacent mountain gives you a real sense of how special a place this must have been to the Incas.  They destroyed the only pass into the city so the Spanish would not discover and destroy the city.  Hence, Machu Picchu was only rediscovered in 1911 by Hirham Bingham – it has since then slowly been restored so we can now see the careful planning and clever design of the Incas.

The ruins cover an enormous area in ever changing colours from the clouds drifting by create a wonderful atmosphere. Truly one of the wonders of the world. Should be visited before visitor numbers are further restricted.