The Amazon

Sandoval Lake Lodge

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The Sandoval Lake Lodge is situated in the Sandoval Lake Reserve , within Amazon Rainforest, in the Madre de Dios Department, which is near a city of Puerto Maldonado. The construction of the lodge and around their Amazon building is made of rustic and natural material such as sheet Crizneja, and LianasTrunk from the jungle.

“The reserve refuges diverse animals, for example, giant river otters, turtles, black caimans, monkeys, birds such as a prehistoric bird Shansho, macaws, parrots, cormorants, kingfishers and others. The reserve also boasts with a specific, which is the Collpa de palmeras, a special place where macaws and parrots fly down to eat dry palms that are rich in mineral salts, calcium, sodium, potassium, etc. These trace elements help them to digest.”