Osa Peninsula

Tiskita Lodge

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Tiskita Lodge is a small 16 room lodge located in the middle of a private 800-acre rain forest biological reserve, in the remote area of Golfito, on the South Pacific coast. The biological reserve protects primary and secondary tropical rainforest. It is home to plenty of wildlife, with over 275 species of birds recorded and a myriad of other animals, including endangered endemic species like the Central American Squirrel Monkey and the Granular Poison-dart Frog. Tiskita also has an organic orchard, where over 125 types of tropical fruit are accessible. Here you will have the opportunity to walk through the jungle and enjoy its fresh jungle pools and the beautiful isolated beaches. There are over 285 different bird species, so an ideal place for bird watchers. Tiskita is also an experimental farm for exotic tropical fruits. Several activities are organised from the lodge: horseback riding, visits to the small neighbouring town etc. This is a wonderful lodge for bird watchers as the owners Peter & Lisbeth are passionate & extremely knowledgeable about the birds & wildlife around their property. They also have a Scarlet Macaw nesting project established on the property.