Air Mad now flies direct to Nosy Be

Air Madagascar have recently launched a brand new route to enable you to get to the beautiful beaches of Nosy Be even quicker. From May 2009, you can now fly direct from Paris into Nosy Be – omitting the need to have an overnight in the capital Antananarivo.

Of all Madagascar, Nosy Be was the original tourist resort. Whilst it can be more commercial and touristy than other parts of the country, for travellers looking to experience Madagascar with ‘softer edges’, Nosy Be offers a taste of everything that makes this country special; Wonderful beaches, lemurs, chameleons, and excellent food. There are also several islands surrounding Nosy Be which offer barefoot luxury.

Nosy Be was traditionally referred to as the ‘Isle de Parfum’ – the perfume island as it was, and still is, the source for many fragrances including Ylang-ylang, vanilla and pepper.

To entice visitors further the €56 entry visa has been waived until December this year.

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